The experienced triathlete is often looking to do a Sprint triathlon as fast as he or she is capable, which means “katy bar the door” in all 3 stages. In the 100-km Lauf Biel in Switzerland, Europe, the top men were older than the top women . All summer i have been training for my first triathlon that is a super sprint. Most commonly, an official triathlon sprint consists of a 750-meter swim, a 20-kilometer bike ride, and a 5-kilometer run.The time that takes for a person to finish a triathlon varies depending on age, gender, course, and level of athleticism. Age-grouper times: If you aim for less than one and a half hours then you’re definitely gearing yourself for a good time. If you average 15 mph in a 100m sprint then your time will be 14.91 seconds. However, one question often comes up for newbies – what are the different formats, what distances do they involve, and what’s a ‘good’ time to aim for? Average Triathlon Times for Elite 70.3 Age Groupers. Age-grouper times: if you’re looking for a good time in this format then aim for anything under an hour or around that mark. Olympic Distance Triathlon Times Average Professional time: Just under 2 hours Good age group time: 2 hours 15 minutes to 3 hours Try 3 issues of 220 Triathlon for just £5! Finish the "long and hilly Ironman" in 11 hours. The velocity during the different phases of the run declined on average from 5 to 6% per decade in males and from 5 to 7% per decade in females. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. A Sprint triathlon does have shorter distances compared to other triathlons, but they are higher in intensity, hence the name Sprint. Triathlon made its Olympic debut at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, and this distance has now been accepted as the ‘standard’ distance for World Triathlon Series racing. Average Professional time: around 1 hour Unsurprisingly, his research team discovered a general decline in sprint performance with age, which was particularly marked for those aged 65-70. Do you want to tri? Olympic Distance Triathlon Length. Sprint triathlons vary in distance according to the course constraints or preferences of the race promoters. 750m (.46 miles) Swim hide. Good age group time: 1 hour 40 minutes. 1. Results Base are the leading timing company in the UK providing solutions for over 500 physical, virtual and self-timed events a year Completing a triathlon is a wonderful way to stretch and challenge yourself. My Race Log. Recovery From A Sprint Distance Triathlon. Another component of the race includes two transitions. Do you ever wonder if you are similar to other people who are training for a triathlon? A triathlete can even choose the mixed age group category to race with training partners of all ages. Life Time Tri Series is a series of 5 Olympic distance races: The Lifetime Fitness in Minneapolis, the NYC Triathlon in New York City, the Chicago Triathlon, the LA Triathlon in Los Angeles, and the U.S. Open in Dallas. What sort of times should the average Joe be looking to achieve? You can actually participate in the same sprint triathlon several times, have different weather conditions and get very different times. If you are lucky enough to have a local Triathlon Training Club, then your obsessions and interest in training fit right in. Various factors should be considered when thinking about the average times for each race. RESULTS: There was a general decline in sprint performances with age, the decrease becoming more evident around 65-70 yr of age. Elite times: This year’s WTS champion Javier Gomez (ESP) won last year’s 70.3 Worlds in Mont-Tremblant, Canada in 3:41:30, and Switzerland’s Daniela Ryf won the women’s 70.3 title in 4:09:19. There is no real good way to answer this, for a number of reasons. It’s worth noting too that event organisers often tweak distances to suit courses and conditions. 2 Likes. An Olympic distance triathlon is considered the intermediate or standard length. Transitions are included in overall time of a triathlon. 1 decade ago. Champion 7036 Sarasota, FL: Subject: RE: Average time to finish a sprint Triathlon. So, what's the average triathlon time? Add in 5 minutes (generous) for each transion and the total time for a beginner or first time triathlon to complete a sprint triathlon is about 1 hour and 50 minutes. Looking to do a sprint triathlon this weekend as I want to do an Olympic triathlon next year. The super sprint is the shortest triathlon and is an ideal entry point for beginners looking to compete in their first triathlon. Age group categories usually ascend in five year intervals. 21 comments. What Should I Carry on the Bike? Average Professional time: 8 hours That's pretty impressive if a 5 year old can run that fast. The ultra distance of an Ironman finishes with a full marathon. Source(s): average times sprint triathlon: I did my first sprint two years ago as a 50-year-old newbie in 2:02. Elite times: Team GB superstar Jonny Brownlee won last year’s WTS Stockholm in a time of 57:31mins, while Sarah Groff (USA) won the women’s race in 1:03:00. However, pinning down an average time for a triathlon distance is not an exact science, as there are many affecting factors such as the course terrain as well as the age and genders of those competing. So, please realize that a “Sprint” triathlon doesn’t mean an “easy” triathlon. Of course, there will be variations by age group and male vs female. Those conditions no doubt affect your time. Typical Recovery Time: 7 to 10 days. If you are a beginning triathlete, a sprint distance triathlon is a great place to begin. I was just wondering what the average time would be for a super sprint? Already have an account with us? What are average times for a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run? It depends on your age. By entering your details, you are agreeing to 220 Triathlon terms and conditions and privacy policy. Thanks. Gender and Age Considerations in Triathlon Both gender and age can affect performance in triathlon. This thread is archived. Races are particularly inspiring because you will find men and woman of all ages from teenagers to senior citizens competing. Many other events host Age-Group races, some of which can be found through your National Federation's website. For older athletes, an extra easy or recovery/rest day may be required. Required fields are marked *. But for busy athletes who have minimal time training, you can expect 6-7+ hour half Ironman and 13+ hour full … Triathlons are often completed in community and foster a sense of belonging and friendship in those who participate. For top age-groupers, good times on moderately difficult courses can range between 5-6 hours for 70.3 and 10-12 hours for Ironman. And it’s better to train at a low intensity until you’re fully recovered. As a general rule, average times tend to get slower with age on both the Men’s and Women’s side. 100% Upvoted. Race the "speedy sprint triathlon" in a time of 1:03; Win my age group at the "best local Olympic race" with a time of 2:30. Latest Age-Group News. You can unsubscribe at any time. We have all been in races where conditions are perfect and the times are surprisingly fast, but then do the same race again and the wind is blowing harder or the weather is hot and humid. 2. rob. Average female 70.3 finish times overall. Getting under the 11hr mark deserves serious respect! What are average times for a sprint triathlon? We’ll give you the times of the top elites for the various distances, and what a solid amateur (or ‘age-grouper’) time might look like – though, of course, this will vary a lot according to the individual, equipment and race chosen. 2007-08-02 1:44 PM. A: First, well-done on training and racing triathlons into your 60s! To work out your percentage of the age-group winner's time convert both times into seconds and then divide your time in seconds by the age-group winner's time in seconds and multiply by 100. Getting … We've crunched the numbers; here are the answers: Overall Finish Time: 3:09 at Chicago Triathlon, 2:31 at USAT AG National Championships, a 38 minute difference; Average Swim Split: 0:37 at Chicago, 0:27 at USAT AG NCs; a 10 minute difference It also gives age groups so you can scope out your competiton. 21.1km (13.1 miles) Run, Half Ironman Distance Triathlon Times The short answer, unfortunately, is there's not one. Although the distances can vary in small degrees, these are the most common distances for each race. Female triathletes such as Chrissie Wellington have led triathlon performance to a higher level. A general rule of thumb is that each hard or long training session should be followed by either an active recovery or rest day. Turns out, median triathlon times are hard to pin down: They vary among genders, age groups and terrain. Sort by. Please check each event for the details for this. During these last decades, female triathletes have reduced the gap in triathlon with their male counterparts, especially in long-distance triathlons such as Ironman distance. Using these goals as examples, let's evaluate whether the goal times listed above are challenging and achievable for a sample athlete (S.A.). Races specific to gender and tailored for first time triathletes are available. Darwin stages first triathlon club event in Australia under new normality 10 Jul, 2020 . It depends on your skill level. Went out way too fast on the swim and bike and crashed & burned during the run. 20km (12 miles) Bike Race times can vary greatly depending on age group, gender, race day weather, and race terrain. We give you a rough idea of the good average times for each distance in our triathlon time … Your email address will not be published. The middle distance, 70.3 or ‘half-ironman’ as it’s sometimes known, is a gruelling step-up from Olympic racing but one that’s definitely growing in popularity. You've been subscribed to our newsletter. How do you Compare to the Average Triathlete? Edmonton to host 2021 Grand Final and Bermuda to stage Sprint and Relay World Championships 26 Aug, 2020. For example, an ocean course in which swimmers battle waves and currents will take longer than one through a calm-watered bay [source: Nine tips to improve your triathlon times this race season, Honor GS Pro smart multisport watch review, First tri training plans for swimmers, cyclists and runners, Chrissie Wellington’s six top tips for triathlon beginners, Five ways to stop your legs cramping out of transition. When choosing a triathlon race there are four different races to choose from; sprint distance, Olympic distance, Half Ironman, and Ironman. 2006-04-08 8:29 AM. 25 seconds would be decent for a competitive 14–15 year old, but not for a competitive 20 year old. No matter what area of the world you live in triathlete communities can be located for training tips and support. 5km (3.1 miles) Run, Sprint Distance Triathlon Times This 13-week sprint triathlon training plan is ideal for beginners. Sign in. A triathlete trains for each discipline as well as learns to do those skills one right after another. report. Chrissie Wellington’s top ten lessons for triathletes. 40km (25 miles) Bike Average Professional time: around 1 hour Good age group time: 1 hour 40 minutes. Posted at 12:00h in General by Taren Gesell. Elite times: Germany’s Sebastian Kienle won last year’s Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in 8:14:18 in tough conditions, and Mirinda Carfrae triumphed again in the women’s category with a time of 9:00:55. It’s My First Triathlon. 3.9km (2.4 miles) Swim How do you think about the answers? So the next step is to compare average finish times by age group. Born in the early 1970s at the San Diego Track Club, modern triathlon has grown enormously over a short period of time into a variety of popular formats. Let us know in the comments below! Changing Clothes During a Race: Should You, or Shouldn’t You? Average male 70.3 finish times overall . 42.2 km (26.2 miles) Run, Ironman Distance Triathlon Times Average Professional time: Just under 2 hours World Triathlon Olympic Day Roundtable with Olympic Legends “The Olympic Day is always something we all look forward to in our calendars, and this year it will be even... Jun 23, 2020. You can sign in to vote the answer. While training requires dedication, crossing the finish line is well worth all the hard work. The average ages of the top five women seemed to be slightly higher than for men in the early 1980s and decreased through the decade; the ages of the top five women gradually increased since 1990 in a similar pattern as for men to reach the upper 30s in recent years. Age-grouper times: It’s tough to argue what a good time is, as the longer distances depend largely on the race and the individual. Events which are not sprint or standard triathlon or duathlon require athletes to .submit extra evidence which is specific to each event. If you are a beginning triathlete, a sprint distance triathlon is a great place to begin. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The average sprint triathlon times will vary dependent on the shape and fitness level of each individual triathlete but many fall around the same category. Your email address will not be published. 1.9km (1.2 miles) Swim Although the average 5K time will vary by sex and age, national averages can give you a realistic idea of how you will perform on your first 5K. What are the different triathlon distances? However, for the age group 35-39, a good male time is around six hours, with an additional hour on top of that for females. Good age group time: 12 hours and 35 minutes. Age-grouper times: Anything around the 13-hour mark for males aged 30-35 is a solid time, with an additional hour on top for females in the same age bracket. 180km (112 miles) Bike Life Time Fitness Triathlon Series. The events listed here include World Triathlon sanctioned Age-Group races. Kaleb VanOrt, a 26-year-old from Mishawaka, Indiana, maintained a 4:55 pace on the first run, a 24.05 mph pace on the bike and finished with a 4:59 pace on the second run. The sprint is a fast-paced and frenetic race, but also a welcome step up from the super-sprint. Average Half Ironman time by Age Group Let’s take a look at the average Half Ironman times broken down by Age Group. Most Ironman races have a 17 hour time limit to complete the race. RedCorvette. Do you agree with our target times? Age-grouper times: When competing in a standard distance triathlon, anything under 3hrs would be a very solid time for an amateur. 5 Simple Ways to Transition Better in Your First Triathlon. by Coach Suzanne | Oct 31, 2010 | Blog, Sprint Triathlon Training | 7 comments. Before you start this plan, you should have a general level of fitness that allows you to swim a few lengths in the pool, bike for 20 minutes straight, and run for 15 minutes straight. best. If you train too hard during this phase you’ll only increase your recovery time. 10km (6.2 miles) Run, Olympic Distance Triathlon Times Phil Roeder. You are on the right track by having an off-day each week. The components are completed in that order. Good age group time: 2 hours 15 minutes to 3 hours. Don’t panic – we’re here to help and guide you through them, starting with the shortest format and going all the way up to Ironman racing. There are now thought to be around 100,000 active participants in the UK alone, where it’s one of the nation’s fastest-growing sports. This helps you stay fit AND recover from your race. And how much faster are the athletes who race at the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship level? share. 1.5km (.93 miles) Swim 40km (25 miles) Bike 10km (6.2 miles) Run. I am training for a sprint triathlon. There are also a variety of categories to choose from in racing. For a novice tri-athlete, it will take about 2:00 minutes per 100 meters for the swim, or 8 minutes total, about an hour for the bike (avg 12mph) and 30 minutes or so for the run. That's pretty impressive if a 5 year old can run that fast. This is one of hardest one-day events in the whole of the sporting universe – just completing the distance inside Ironman’s 17hr cut-off is a massive accomplishment. › article › 427083-good-time-for-a-sprint-triathlon 90km (56 miles) Bike Average female 70.3 finish times swim. Triathlon Talk » Super Sprint Average Time: Rss Feed : Moderators: k9car363, alicefoeller: Reply: TdUbS-22. Most 10k courses are measured relatively accurately, and on average, most runners do finish in 55 minutes to 1 hour. Age-grouper times: Anything around the 13-hour mark for males aged 30-35 is a solid time, with an additional hour on top for females in the same age bracket. Elite times: Britain’s Jodie Stimpson took gold at last year’s Commonwealth Games in a time of 1:58:56 over this distance, and Alistair Brownlee famously triumphed in the London Olympics with a time of 1:46:25. While average professional times range between 4-5 hours for 70.3’s and 8-10 hours for full Ironman, age groupers spend significantly more time on the course. 1 year ago. Velocity during the different phases of the run declined, on average, between 5 and 6% per decade in men and 5-7% in women. This chart is for the 2011 Chicago Triathlon, average finish time … The Half Ironman requires a great measure of endurance as the running portion of the race is a half marathon. A triathlon features the three disciplines of swimming, cycling, and running. On the Men’s side, you can see that the fastest average time is in the 18-24 year … Join the triathlete community and conquer an accomplishment you can be proud of. Below are the average swim, bike, and run finish times for elite age group triathletes who competed in Half-Ironman 70.3 events over the course of 2018. It usually takes around 8-10 minutes from a beginner triathlete to finish the swim portion of the race, 1 hour for the bike leg and 30 minutes for the run. Sprint triathlon times for average joes. Average Professional time: 4 hours Member 128: Subject: Super Sprint Average Time. 750m/20k/5k. 0 0. At the 2010 USA Triathlon National Duathlon Championships in Richmond, Virginia, the age-group champion and overall fastest time was 1:30:39 for a course that consisted of a 5K run, 38K bike and 5K run. Hope that helps, Elly . in reply to: #391093. Good age group time: 6 hours. 1.5km (.93 miles) Swim Thanks! Transition two (T2) requires changing from cycling to running. We look at the different distances involved in tri, and what a good finish time looks like for each. Find your National Federation. save. We’re not bad at it either: there are Brits on nearly every major international podium going. level 1. Transition one (T1) shifts from swimming to cycling.